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Mythical Creature Studios (often abbreviated to MCS) is an independent film group, formed in January 2010, that are based in Larkhall, Scotland, UK and create videos to be broadcast on YouTube. The company use a mobile phone as the recording medium. They currently create a range of comedy sketches, in a show billed as "The One Ring Circus" and they also create a "Let's Play" show which features gameplay from the latest videogames as well as all-time classics. They have also previously broadcasted an online wrestling television show courtesy of "In Your House Wrestling Alliance" (IYHWA), and their own show "Are You a Mythical Creature?". MCS also act as a host for other people's videos as well as shows created by others, an example of this is "Crocodile Punter", which is a show created by friend, Alex Machado. They have expressed interest to create a variety of new shows in the future.


Mythical Creature Studios is an independent film group that concentrate on creating Comedy and Drama videos for YouTube broadcast. The group use a mobile phone as their recording media.

They currently have 3 shows, titled "Are You a Mythical Creature?" which is named after the group itself, "Let's Play" which is a videogame magazine-style show, talking about specific videogames including the latest releases and old classics, and "The One Ring Circus", which is a series of comedy sketches.

They were affiliated with the recently disbanded Freek ID Productions, who assisted with the creation and distribution of all Mythical Creature Studios content as well as provided their own content.

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